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Hey, ladies! It's been a bit since the "Dream Big" March Retreat, and I am still hearing women talk about the amazing things God has done! Praise the Lord!

We celebrated years past. We experienced the excitement and joy of tapping into God’s big dream. We were encouraged to “Dream Big” – living out His mission through our lives. Now, we’ve all been invited to walk through a year of Rest. The leadership of Retreat Committee and CGWM Networking Team are in unity that God has called us to take an intentional time to seek Him this year. In obedience, we are stepping into a time where we are joined together in prayer to allow God to clarify and lay the foundation for His new work in us. This invitation is for each person individually and for us collectively as Women's Ministries.

We believe God has a new dream (or dreams) that are starting to be realized for the next steps of Women's Ministries. So, we need to position ourselves to be aware and ready. First, I'd encourage you to take time to REMEMBER. Spend some time reflecting over the years that you have attended the March Retreat and other regional/local gatherings. Reflect on God's faithfulness in your personal life and in the life of the Body of Christ. Think about how He has stretched, challenged, and encouraged you. And LISTEN! Listen for God’s direction for the future. There is MUCH He has ahead of us. Allow Him the time to birth what He wants to see happen locally, regionally and nationally. He already sees the road ahead, the good we've experienced so far is a deposit and promise of His work yet to come.

We can TRY to do lots of things on our own, BUT WITH GOD...ALL things are possible (Matt.19:26). As we seek God and we begin to see His plans unfold, we can trust that He will bring to life even more than we have already seen. In fact, God has already prompted others to minster to us, as we step into this year of rest!

Because of the continued need to invest in the lives of women, Winebrenner Theological Seminary and CGGC Transformational Ministries will be partnering together to provide an alternative conference for women in 2017. As in the past, this women's conference will coincide with the University of Findlay’s spring break. Once we know those exact dates, we’ll make them known to you as well. The conference may look different, and the organizers have already engaged CGWM to ensure their event will honor our present and future efforts. I encourage you to watch for more details and plan to attend. This will offer us a great point of closure for this year of rest as well as provide the opportunity for refreshment and celebration as we move toward our future of ministry together.

If you have questions, or just want to share God stories during this time, be sure to contact me or members of the Retreat/Networking Team.

Excited about what’s to come,

Alison Buck